Thursday, 19 June 2014

June is the month for Romance at WEP.

Marius the Weaver, has fallen in love with Ingrid - Intelligent Nano-generated Robotic Droid.  She has feelings for him too but questions (because she’s intelligent, remember) whether or not they can be together.  In a quiet moment in the Weaver’s workshop, the following conversation takes place.

Marius cupped Ingrid’s face in his hands.
‘Look at me.’
She was shaking her head, ‘No, I cannot.’
‘Ingrid, do you love me?’  Her head became still, but she did not look up.  She whispered, ‘Yes Marius.’
‘I will not lose you, Ingrid.’
‘I’m not real, Marius.'
‘Then how have you made me real?  How, if you are not real?’
'You were always real, Marius.  You were just hiding, but I am an android.'
‘Are those real tears?’  Marius asked.
‘Programmed to be released when…’
‘When what?  Your emotion capacitors kick in?’
‘You know me too well.’
‘Yes.  I know you and I love you Ingrid.
He released her face and drew all of her into his chest to hold her close.  He stroked her hair.
‘It’s a wig.’ She said as he played with the strands cascading down her back.
‘It’s beautiful.’
‘My heart is cogs and wheels and wires,’
‘And they turn for me.’
‘My eyes are silicon blend.’
‘And still you see me.’
‘My skin is a bio-alloy.’
‘And yet you can feel this.’   He caressed her forearm.
She nodded
‘It’s titanium inside.’
‘And yet you are holding me.’
‘My head is all cogs and wheels and nanobytes.’
‘And still you are confused.’
She laughed aloud at that and her eyes met his.
He said,  ‘See, and that laugh tells me you are real.’
They were silent together in each other's presence before Marius asked,
‘And what do those nano bytes tell you?’
For her answer, she raised her face and met his mouth with her polymer lips.