Thursday, 29 March 2012

This paraphrase is in answer to the question how does the Bible apply to life.

ISAIAH  40:  3-5  

While your life is empty and deserted, a voice calls “Prepare.”
From your place of wilderness, a highway will be made for our God.
From the valley of depression, loneliness and sadness, you shall be raised up.
The mountains of pride, arrogance, rebellion and worldliness shall be humbled.
The rough places of frustration, bitterness and haunting memories shall be leveled.
The rugged places of fear, doubt and confusion shall be made a plain.
So the glory of the Lord shall be revealed.  


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    I like what you've done with Isaiah.

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    Great passage, big relief to hear that, especially the bit about confusion being made plain - that's what I'm looking forward to :)

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